Since 1941, Refugio County Memorial Hospital has been here for you. Your health and well being is our top priority. We have worked hard to grow as our community grows and we are proud to offer services such as our health clinics, wellness center, and several more.

RCMH Patient Portal

If you have visited our hospital or clinic recently, you may have been asked for your email address.
The reason for this is to offer you a secure and convenient way to communicate with us from the comfort of your home or any place with web access.

Wellness Center

The Wellness Center at Refugio Memorial Hospital offers a large selection of exercise equipment, a pool to add variety to your workout, a private workout room for floor exercises, and an indoor track for running or walking.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

Refugio County Memorial Hospital

107 Swift St. | Refugio, TX | 78377
p: 361.526.2321 | f: 361.526.2210

Refugio Rural Health Clinic

107 1/2 Swift St. | Refugio, TX | 78377
p: 361.526.5328 | f: 361.526.5670

Refugio Specialty Clinic

114 Swift St. | Refugio, TX | 78377
p: 361.526.1513 | f: 361.526.1517

Woodsboro Medical Clinic

120 Wood Ave. | Woodsboro, TX | 78393
p: 361.543.5414 | f: 361.543.5420

Austwell-Tivoli Medical Clinic

106 W. Wilson | Tivoli, TX | 77950
p: 361.286.0115 | f: 361.286.0256

24 Hour Emergency Room