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Refugio County Memorial Hospital

The mission of Refugio County Memorial Hospital (RCMHD) is to provide and promote quality healthcare to the citizens of our county. Through our hospital, rural health clinics, wellness center, and specialty clinic we are striving to provide primary healthcare to our patients in Refugio County. Your welfare is a sacred trust to us and we take great pride in the care we deliver to our patients. Whether you need emergency trauma care, routine surgery, minor illness care, or rehabilitation in our swing bed program, we are here for you. RCMHD welcomes your suggestions as we continue to improve our healthcare services.

Our History

Refugio County Memorial Hospital admitted its first patient on February 2, 1940. We have provided continuous service to the citizens of Refugio County since that date. The original hospital was expanded in 1962 and then again in 2009. It was originally operated by several religious orders and in May of 1974, the county took over the entire operation. Early in 1977, the 65th Texas Legislature authorized the creation of the hospital district and this was confirmed by public vote on May 1, 1977.


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