Radiology Department

The Radiology Department provides superior patient care in the areas of:

  • Computer Tomography
  • IVP’s
  • Ultrasound
  • Vascular Ultrasound
  • Echocardiography
  • Holter Monitors
  • Bone Density Testing
  • General X-ray Examinations

The department uses state-of-the-art equipment like Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) which allows for storage and sending of digital images where the radiologist and physicians can then use web access to view the images. Services are offered to both inpatients and outpatients.
Radiology assists the physicians in quick diagnosis of disease through accurate and prompt radiographic procedure for inpatients and outpatients.
We offer new state of the art Bone Density (BD) testing. The services inculde comparisions to previous Bone Density tests with digital GE Lunar Dexa Scanner Software.
We also offer MRI services twice monthly on Mondays.


Phone: 361.485.7222

Fax: 361.485.7227