Emergency Department

Level IV Trauma Facility

Emergencies happen in the blink of an eye. When one happens, don’t think twice about where to go for emergency healthcare. Our emergency department is here for you. Since 1940, Refugio County Memorial Hospital has been providing emergency services to Refugio and the surrounding areas. Our emergency department is a level IV trauma facility and is staffed by highly qualified physicians and nurses available 24 hours a day, seven days a week ready to provide the best emergency care available in the area.

All patients presenting to the Emergency Department are admitted to the department and assessed. Obstetrical patients are assessed and transferred unless delivery is imminent, in which case transfer is made after delivery.

Trauma patients are assessed and stabilized prior to transfer to a higher level of care when indicated according to trauma triage criteria.

Refugio County Memorial Hospital

107 Swift St. | Refugio, TX | 78377
p: 361.526.2321 | f: 361.526.2210 | e: info@rcmhospital.org

Refugio Rural Health Clinic

107 1/2 Swift St. | Refugio, TX | 78377
p: 361.526.5328 | f: 361.526.5670

Refugio Specialty Clinic

114 Swift St. | Refugio, TX | 78377
p: 361.526.1513 | f: 361.526.1517

Woodsboro Medical Clinic

120 Wood Ave. | Woodsboro, TX | 78393
p: 361.543.5414 | f: 361.543.5420

Austwell-Tivoli Medical Clinic

106 W. Wilson | Tivoli, TX | 77950
p: 361.286.0115 | f: 361.286.0256

24 Hour Emergency Room