General Medical Services are available for adult and pediatric patients. Newborns are transferred to a facility providing newborn care. Nurses work collaboratively with other departments in meeting the patients needs. Care is provided in the 20 bed medical/surgical/pediatric unit, the Emergency Department, the Surgical Department and the Rural Health Clinics. Under the direction of your physician, care is provided by skilled professional nurses including: Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Nurse Aides. Our nursing staff is committed to providing compassionate and quality nursing care in a family friendly environment 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Nursing services is lead by the Director of Patient Care Services Joshua Toole, MSN and the Nursing Education Coordinator is Sidonya Pullin, RN.

Emergency Room Services

The Emergency Department is available to see patients 24-hours a day, seven days a week. All patients presenting to the Emergency department are assessed by highly qualified Emergency Physicians as well as skilled nursing staff 24-hours a day.
Obstetrical patients are assessed and transferred unless delivery is imminent, in which case transfer is made after delivery.
Trauma patients are assessed and stabilized prior to transfer to a higher level of care when indicated according to trauma triage criteria.

Swing Bed

The Swing Bed program at Refugio County Memorial Hospital provides a unique opportunity for the physician to maintain continuity of care for patients requiring extended care following an acute illness.

Swing Bed FAQ

What is the Swing Bed Program?

Swing Bed is a term for skilled nursing services in a hospital setting. (Skilled nursing refers to services that must be performed by or under the supervision of professional or technical personnel.) The term “swing” means only a paper transfer; the patient no longer qualifies for inpatient care, but is allowed to remain in the hospital to receive continued care.

Why Swing Bed?

Patients who are allowed to stay in the same environment under the care of familiar staff and their own physician experience lower stress, thus conserving energy useful in recovery. Other benefits of the Swing Bed Program include:

  • The patient’s ready access to their Physician
    The patient is able to learn self-care skills that increase independence, decrease anxiety, and form a natural transition to the home setting or back to the nursing home.
  • Because the patient remains in a local hospital, family and friends are able to visit, giving the emotional support so necessary to well being and recovery.
What types of services are provided in the Swing Bed Program?

Several services are available through the Swing Bed Program. Your Physician will decide which of these services are needed during your stay. Services include:

  • Skilled Nursing, provided by qualified nursing personnel;
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, an individualized treatment program designed by qualified, licensed Physical Therapists;
  • Speech Therapy provided by a certified Speech Language Pathologist to evaluate the need for language therapy, voice & articulation and fluency disorders;certified Speech Language Pathologist to evaluate the need for language therapy, voice & articulation and fluency disorders;
  • Respiratory Therapy services that are prescribed for assessment, evaluation, treatment and management of patients with abnormal cardiopulmonary function;
  • Social Services available to coordinate community resources for the patient and the family and/or caregiver; and
  • Spiritual Care visits are available upon request.
Who is eligible for the Swing Bed Program?

The admission to Swing Bed must meet all of the following requirements:

  • The patient requires skilled services;
  • The patient requires these skilled services on a daily basis; and
  • The daily skilled services can beprovided only on an inpatient basis in a Swing Bed
Who pays for my Swing Bed stay?

Medicare Coverage: Medicare pays 100% for days 1-20, if criteria continues to be met. The physician will evaluate the necessity of the stay on a weekly basis. The Business Office personnel at Refugio County Memorial Hospital are available to assist you by verifying the benefit coverage.

HMO or Private Insurance: If you have an HMO or Private Insurance in lieu of Medicare compensation of Swing Bed care, it is the decision of the primary payer.

What is the difference between an Inpatient Hospital Stay and the Swing Bed Program?

The patient’s physician will not visit each day, but be assured the nursing staff will be in close contact with them regarding the treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to do as many activities of daily living by themselves (bathing, personal grooming, dressing, etc) If approved by the physician, regular physical activity is encouraged to improve joint mobility muscle strength, and in some cases cardiovascular fitness.

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